Samsung LED TV Reviews – Smart 3D d8000 Series

While Samsung TV was not first to the smart tv party they have stormed in with the Samsung Smart Tv 8000 series to take the lead in developing the most applications which promises to change the way people will watch TV. Smart TV will change the idea of television much the same way the smart phone did to mobiles. The Samsung smart TVs have the Samsung Hub with 6 exciting features called Smart Video, Smart Search, Smart 3D, Smart Chat and Smart Design.  These features change the Samsung TV television from a simple viewing device to a complete home entertainment system with music, games, movies, videos, TV programs, as well as a useful tool using social networking, Skype video and any other online content.

Samsung Smart tv

I have to tell you. I am not going to use the Samsung smart Tv for Facebook or Twitter but I will definitely be watching YouTube videos and Talking with family on Skype using this Smart Hub app. The colors and depth make watching on the smart tv enjoyable while watching video on my laptop or pc monitor is a pain in the ……. Eyes.  Not to mention the ability to relax on my couch with a beer while I watch streaming internet video instead of hunched over in a chair at my desk will make me dread having to use my laptop for anything but sending emails. Now on to the reviews.

Improvements of the Samsung Smart Tv 8000 D over last years C8000 Series

Samsung TV has made many advances with the Samsung Smart TV d8000 Series

There are way too many changes to list, but here are a few:

  • the new Smart TV hub (expanded app store, full web browser and home network rolled into one interface)
  • built-in wireless internet connection
  • completely re-designed lightweight 3D glasses for more comfort when used over prescription glasses or without
  • auto-source detection for 3D signals (no more messing about in menu systems)
  • further video noise-reduction
  • contrast level tweaks which gives deeper blacks
  • a cracking slim-line virtually bezel free design.
  • a better sound system which was one of the main complaints from last years model

Samsung Smart TV Reviews – Smart 3D d8000 Series 


Samsung LED TV Reviews – Smart 3D d8000 Series

There are several companies that have jumped on the Smart TV band wagon but none of them have been able to match Samsung Smart Tv 8000 Series for features offered. As you can see from the chart below Samsung TV is well ahead of the competition. It has more features and the Samsung apps are abundant with more coming out all the time.

Samsung LED TV Reviews - Smart 3D d8000 Series vs Sony vs LG


Lets make a quick run down of what some of these mean.

Samsung LED TV Reviews - Smart 3D d8000 Series 3d technology

Samsung LED TV Reviews - 3d technology passive vs shutter

3D Technology

This refers to the method used to trick your eyes into seeing 3D on the screen. The Active shutter method rapidly alternates the images on the screen where each image is slightly offset from each other tricking the eyes into seeing in 3D. The passive method has two images on the screen at the same time which is not as desirable when viewing without glasses. The shutter method provides a more enjoyable and realistic 3d experience on the Samsung TV.


Basically what this does is allow all of your home media devices to communicate with each other.

Samsung LED TV Reviews - Smart 3D d8000 Series samsung apps

APP STORE for the Samsung LED TV Reviews – Smart 3D d8000 Series

This is pretty self explanatory. It is where you go to get the free and paid applications for you Samsung TV. At the time of this writing Samsung was ahead in the apps war with more to come. Without the apps then your Television would not be a smart tv.

Samsung LED TV Reviews - Smart 3D d8000 Series search all

Search All

Search All brings you easy ways to locate shows you want to watch – even while you’re viewing live TV – and helps find related content on the web or other DLNA devices connected to your Samsung TV.

 Social Samsung Tv

This is the ability to connect to social websites such as Facebook and Twitter so you can share movies that you like with friends and family on your social media accounts. Personally I am not attached to either so much that i would want to bother but for some people Facebook is part of their life.

Samsung LED TV Reviews - Smart 3D d8000 Series full web browser

Full Web Browser

Browse the internet on your Samsung Smart Tv 8000 instead of on your small laptop screen.

2D to 3D Conversion

This is the ability to enhance the normal videos streamed by the non 3D services to give them better depth when viewed. While the Samsung smart TV 8000 series does not perform magic on 2d viewing to actually change it into true 3d it does give more depth to some shows.

 Qwerty Keyboard

Q, W, E, R, T, Y, are the first 6 letters on the computer keyboard so this means that it is a normal keyboard laid out in the normal PC keyboard fashion.

3D Sound

Samsung Smart TV D8000 Series now have a sound system that closer mimics the way you would hear the sounds in real life which is a vast improvement over last years model. However if you are a true audiophile then you may want to hook it up to a true surround sound stereo system.

Samsung LED TV Reviews - Smart 3D d8000 Series smart hub

Smart Hub

This is the new interface for accessing all of the features available from downloading movies to accessing the application store, the internet and social media.


Samsung LED TV Reviews - Smart 3D d8000 Series remarkable thin

Remarkably Thin 

The Samsung Smart Tv D8000 is the thinnest Television on the market. Perfect for mounting on the wall or setting on a console. The extremely thin bezel adds to the 3D experience by not distracting your eyes from the action. When mounted on the wall it gives the illusion that you are looking through a window giving the illusion of reality.

 Is the Samsung Smart Tv 8000 Black Enough?

The following video can show you better than I can tell you but i do have to say it looks plenty black enough to me and most of the new reviews I have read agree.

If you are a gamer then the Samsung Smart Tv D8000 Seriesis the perfect Tv For you.

Just take a look at this game being played on the Samsung D8000. No amount of reviews can make up for actually being able to see for yourself.

Power Consumption

The 55 inch D8000 only uses around 114 watts in 3D viewing mode and only 1 watt in standby mode so it is very energy efficient for what you get. Think of a 100 watt light bulb here. The Samsung UN55D8000 55-Inch 1080p 240Hz 3D LED HDTV actually uses less energy than the normal 25 inch televisions do and does so much more.


Improvements that could still be made to the Samsung Smart Tv D8000

  • Sound not enough at high volumes. Personally i do not like extremely high volumes when watching television but my wife does so I can understand some people complaining. The answer is to hook up a surround sound system if you want to rock the house until Samsung can figure out how to include more powerful speakers in such a thin television.
  • The price started out pretty high but has come down considerably. I have seen prices up to a 30% discount to the listed price. Amazon has a few listing for the Samsung D8000 Series that they say are so low it is against Samsung’s rules to advertise them. The only way you can see the price is to proceed to check out. The good thing about purchasing on is the Low price guarantee they have on TVs.

Conclusion for Samsung LED TV Reviews – Smart 3D d8000 Series

I recommend this Samsung TV as a buy from . It is good value for the money especially with Amazon’z discounts from the suggested retail price, free shipping and low price guarantee.


Amazon has an A to Z guarantee and Samsung TV has a 2 year warranty with a 3 month extended warranty if you register your Samsung TV on their website.

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